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ELECTRON BEAM was started as a part-time venture in 1962, full time operation in 1965 , and was incorporated in 1970. A wide variety of products and services have been provided for the welding industry, primarily for use in the arc welding process.


Principle products are the flexible hollow core welding cables and conduits used in the semi-automatic and automatic wire welding process. The oldest design is a hollow coiled conduit, with steel reinforcing strands and an insulating jacket, which carried the wire electrode to the arc. This older steel stranded conduit was marketed to original equipment manufacturers and welding distributors for use in semi-automatic welding cables. Now adapted and engineered to today’s markets, they are offered for many wire feed solutions.
Today, our 125,000 square foot facility houses several product lines, including Electron Beam Technologies’ trademarked “Fast ‘N Easy®” conduit systems. Leading the way is the versatile QCC® quick connect conduit and the ERC® extended reach conduits.
Over time, as the market accepted bulk electrode, our product line expanded to offer drum covers: the Dura-Dome® series. The durable, crystal clear drum cover allows the operator to easily see into the electrode drum from any angle. As the desire to use continuous electrode provides less downtime, more wire manufacturers entered the market. Electron Beam Technologies was ready with machine connectors that would “quick connect” into these feeders and pay-off systems. Today, we lead the market with simple adaptors for all machines, reducing the need for large, costly inventories.
Our operation continues to take pride in being a world-wide leader in welding conduits and wire delivery systems, both to the end user and to O.E.M. development.
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Paul Wlos (second from left), Electron Beam President, continues to use his vision for the future to improve and broaden the scope of products offered by the company for the end user as well as the Original Equipment market (1967 Photo).





Conduit Cutaway

In the year 2000, with increased use of aluminum electrodes, the Blue PE Conduits were added to the distributor network. These polymer based conduits provide ease of installation, superior feeding, and less wire contamination. They are being used for replacement in mild steel markets due to their lubricity.
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With robotics continuing to push the wire feeding envelope, flexibility was again addressed by Electron Beam Technologies when it introduced QCC-R® Conduit. This version of the trusted QCC® provides extra flexibility in a round wire, steel lined, wire feeding conduit. It offers the strength of a reinforced conduit, with reduced weight.

Electron Beam is a member of the American Welding Society, Gases and Welding Distributors Association,
and the Resistance Welding Manufacturers Association.
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EBT building

Our 125,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing facility is conveniently located in the mid-western United States.
Service, quality, and delivery are what we are about.



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