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Jim McCarron, Scotland
Hi, just some feed back from SCOTLAND. We have four robotic welders; 1 IGM, 3 Motoman. I decided after seeing your product to modify our Motoman wire feeder drive systems from the original factory fitted conduit and connectors to Electron Beam units. Boy, what a difference; smoother wire feed, easier maintenance, less down time when re-newing the wire drums and it has certainly made an impact on our operators as well. It is definitely user friendly. I have recommended the units to other robotic companies as well. Thank You for having such friendly and easy to use products, it certainly made our lives easier.
Take care from Bonny Scotland,

Sunil Vaidya, Pune, India
Dear Sir/Madam, I am selling similar looking products from another company. I have seen your products on Lincoln installations in India. Excellent products, very long service life. I have managed to switch out most other brands EXCEPT yours. These include OE Fronius, Panasonic, Hyundai, Esab. Your conduit is doing fine for 2 years now, on a Lincoln Tandem system. Kudos for producing such long life products. Modern business practices have forgotten how to make robust reliable products.
Best regards, SV

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